A Legendary Decade of Male Nude Photographing in Taiwan

The story started before the Millennium Year, when digital camera was just introduced and not broadly used.

At the time, the “Horny Boy” who was just graduated from college, had very aggressive ideas, and dared to challenge the conservative society. By taking his own nude pictures, he made visual record of the well-shaped masculine body he had had, and generously shared it with people.

The alias “Cum Cruise” has been known from 2002, and became an iconic figure of male nude selfie in Taiwan. For over a decade, this boy is always faithful to insist the spirit of braveness and variety of our vibrant society, whatever happened to him.

Whatever you call me Horny Boy or Cum Cruise, this is the guy!

In the past years, I am proud of who I am, and will always be. I believe no matter how far the goal is, we will achieve it, only if we insist.



Bio Profile

Height: 170 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: O
Birth Date: November 21, 1977
Chest: 38 in
Waist: 30 in
The Size: 18 cm

About Life

Place of Birth: Taipei
Place of Residence: Taipei
Language Used:
Chinese and Dialects
Interests and Hobbies:

Media Exposure

Website: Horny Boy of the Earth (1999)
Newspaper: (2000)
Website: Cum Diary of the Cumming Man (2003)
Special Interview: The Next Weekly Column (2004)
Newspaper: (2005/2006)
Website: Cum Cruise Club (2007-)

Study & Career

Taipei Municipal Chien-Kuo Senior High School
National Cheng-Chi University (NCCU)
Bachelor of Art in Arabic Language and Literature
University of Nevada Las Vegas
School of Architecture
Elementary School
Provisional Teacher
Public Relation Consultancy
Senior Account Executive
Boutique Hotel
Research & Developement Department Manager
Architect Firm
Project Designer
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Strategy Officer



Let’s Enjoy the Powerful Art of Masculinity Presented by Cum Cruise

Cum Cruise Club 射精猛男俱樂部是台灣男性首位網路自拍實踐者 Cum Cruise 於2005年所建立的網站,由於網路系統供應商對內容與服務費用規定屢有更改,網站亦經歷多次變革,至今已屆十五年,感謝各位的支持,才能讓這個網站繼續存在。

從早期自行架設網站、MSN社群、Yahoo!Club、、、到再次重新自行製作網站,網站功能或許無法如專業社群網站提供會員互動服務,但至少在維護成本上可以大幅降低,讓更多朋友可以加入,一起分享射精猛男 Cum Cruise 的力與美。

網站內集合 Cum Cruise 自2002年起的精選自拍作品,萬餘張照片記錄下 Cum Cruise 在這段期間的經歷,其中不乏許多旅遊途中的紀行與在公共場所的大膽留念;短片作品更在這段期間,以一次次的激射見證青春,為一生留下難得的回憶。

Cum Cruise 已為自己記錄下青春的美好。誘人的體態或許讓大家著迷,但真實不矯揉做作的呈現才是 Cum Cruise 想要表達的。男性的身體是上帝的傑作,何不將自己曾經美麗的身影與大家分享?

Cum Cruise Club 射精猛男俱樂部也一定繼續努力,在虛擬的網路世界給大家最真實的 Cum Cruise!

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